Trying to find a bargain

Yesterday, we headed out to the York Fairgrounds for one of those Merchandise closeout type sales they hold in expo centers everywhere. We’d tried this once before and weren’t too impressed with what we saw, but it had been a few years and we decided to try again. The admission was $6 per adult (free for kids 12 and under) so our grand total was $12 to get in. Of course, the advertisements promised $99 TV’s, $5 Levi jeans, and all kinds of other incentives to show up. The first thing in the door, there were signs everywhere saying that the jeans price was a misprint and there were no HDTV’s or anything else worth showing up for basically. This show was about half the size of the last one we attended and no real bargains that I could see. Clothes were still do expensive (we’d have done better at the outlet malls nearby), computers were along the historical reference book category (most were slower than my oldest computer which is 6 years old). Very disappointing, total waste of $12 and to be honest, someone should sue them for false advertising. We tried it twice… not doing it again.

 Some good did come of our excursion though. We stopped by Value City on our way home. This is not a store that would be anywhere in our normal commute. There we found quite a few clothes on discount, 40% off in most cases. My daughter has been outgrowing her pants, in height not waist. We were able to find her quite a few pair of pants, many with matching belts that were only 5.99 – 7.99 after the discounts. I spent $102 dollars on a bag full of pants and a few shirts for me. There are a lot of children’s clothes posted on Freecycle, and it’s very easy to get rid of things there, but there’s a lot of competition to receive clothes, so I normally don’t even try. My daughter gets a lot of hand-me-downs from friends which she loves, but somehow, we ended up with a lot of size 6 pants which are all getting too short, she too small for the next full size up, so strangely enough, we’re finding a lot of size 5/6 and 6x that find her (beats me how a child can be too tall for a 6 but the 5/6’s are longer, it may just be manufacturer or just the style these days with the bootcuts and such).

One more stop at Ollies rounded out the day. I got a great book on making storage shelves and cabinets for only 4.99. I’m pre-planning making over my son’s old bedroom into an office after he graduates from college. I’m hoping to do a great “Trading Spaces” type makeover on a tight budget. After watching what they do to create storage, I  think just about anyone with some self-confidence and the right tools can be pretty inventive on their own. I LOVE to watch TLC’s Flip This House and Property Ladder. It’s really opening my eyes to what can be done with the space I already have. Sometimes, you just have to allow yourself to experiment and realize anything you don’t like, you can always paint over later 😉