The Season of Giving

The Christmas holiday will soon be here. I know most of you if you haven’t started your gift shopping will be starting very soon. It’s been a very difficult year for many of us. In our family, my husband experienced a 6 month layoff, and when recalled, lost all of his seniority. We’re struggling with getting a healthcare policy in place and really have no savings to speak of. This is also the start of the slow season at his workplace which lasts through March in most years, so money is a big concern right now, especially with 13 nieces and nephews to buy for plus our own 3 children.

My oldest son graduated college in June, but to date, has not had any job offers, with the first loan payments looming in December if they can’t be deferred.

But, considering our own hardships, we know that other familys are having a more difficult time than we can even imagine, either due to illnesses or financial issues.

My question to you is… What can you do with $5? If someone gave you $5, how would you spend it. My guess is that it wouldn’t go very far. That barely buys you a meal at a fast food shop.

Now, what can someone else do with $5? Imagine your $5 is combined with the same amount from 100 people. Imagine how many Christmases can be brightened with $500, or $5000. It takes very little from each of us to change someone’s life.

I encourage each of you to take some change from your pocket and donate it to an organization of your choice. This year, we’ve donated $50 to The Children’s Miracle Network which works locally to purchase necessary items for sick children being helped at Hershey Medical Center here in Central Pennsylvania. This is in additional to our annual contributions to Toys for Tots.

If your grocery store offers a $1 slip of paper to donate to local charity, don’t be so quick to say no. You’ve probably added something to your cart priced at much more than a dollar that you didn’t need. Your small contribution added to others can make a HUGE difference.