Stress Bag

Posted by Glenda

Stick of Gum – To remind you to stick to it

Candle-To remind you to shine brightly (I used a nice smelling votive candle in a color that complimented the rest of the package.)

A Chocolate Kiss – To remind you that you are loved

A Match – To light your fire when you’re feeling burned out ( I used a wooden kitchen match and put it in a tiny ziplock bag so it wouldn’t get lost. I did that with a couple of the tiny things.)

A Pin- To remind you to stay sharp (I can’t remember if I used a big safety pin or a corsage pin.)

A Smartie – To help you on those days when you don’t feel smart ( A whole pack of smarties, of course.)

A Starburst – To give you a burst of energy on days when you don’t have any

A Snickers – To remind you to take time to laugh (I used the bite size.)

Confetti- To remind you to have fun ( I used the paper punch and made my own out of some pretty wrapping paper samples from the school paper sale.)

Tape- To fix things that will not work

A Potholder – For when things get too hot to handle (The phone company gives them away at Christmas. lol)

A Penny – So you will never have to say, “I”m broke”.

A Marble- For when you lose yours

A Rubber Band – To stretch yourself beyond the limits

A String – To tie things together when everything falls apart

A Band-Aid – For when things get a little rough ( I got a little wild and used the leopard print ones. *g*)

A Crayon – To color your day bright and cheerful ( I used a pack of 4 crayons. The kids get them a lot for free with a little coloring book around Christmas.)

A Puzzle Piece – Without you things wouldn’t be complete

A Cotton Ball – For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of family and friends

Happy face- Smiling is contagious ( I started to use some happy face stickers, but I found a little happy face ball that my kids never played with.)

Eraser – To remind you that you can start every day with a clean slate.

Excedrin – Thank you, I know this job can be a headache (It called for Tylenol, but I got a sample pack of Excedrin through the mail so that’s what I used.)

Battery – To give you that extra charge to keep you going… and going.

Piece of Rope – When you reach the end of yours, this will keep you going a bit longer

Paper clip – To help keep things together when they seem to be out of control.

A Small Smooth Stone – To remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish

A Recipe – To make when you want to do something special for someone ( I printed up a cake recipe of some kind.)

A Star- To remind you to shine and always try your best ( I was stuck on this one. I finally just cut a star out of some yellow fun foam.)

A Button – To remind you to shine and always try your best.

Glitter- For a glimpse of how the world looks through a child’s eyes ( I poured some into a tiny ziplock bag.)

A Bag- To help you keep it all together

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.