Scripture Kit

Toothpick: to remember to pick out the good in others. Matt. 7:1

Rubberband: To remember to be flexible. God has it under control. Romans 8:28

Band Aid: To remember to mend hurt feelings. Yours or someone elses. Col. 3:12-14

Pencil: To remember to list your blessings daily (You could add a cute tablet of paper with this as well) Eph 1:3

Butterfinger: Cause we all slip sometimes, and it’s okay. Gen. 50:15-21

Gum: So you can stick to it. With God you can accomplish anything. Phil. 4:13

Button: To remember to button your lip when needed. 1 Peter 3:10

Lifesaver: To remember that the Lord is there to help. Psalm 46:1

Mint: to remind you that you are worth one. (I use a peppermint patty) John 3:16-17

Candy Kiss: To remember that Love should be a part of everyday. 1 John 4:7

Snickers and Tissue: To remind us to be a light in someone elses day. Matt. 5:14-16

Puzzle Piece: To remember that without God we are not complete. Prov. 14:20

Tea Bag: To remember to relax and go over that list of blessings. 1 Thess. 5:18

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.