Homeowner’s Kit

Hammer – to hammer out any problems
Screws – because you may have some loose ones when you finish
Plaster – because owning a home is just “patch, patch, patch”
Paint – to brighten up your life
Carpet – to soften life’s blows
Level – to keep your life in balance
Measuring tape – for the next big project
Glue/adhesive – to help you stick with the project
Piece of floor tile – so you can “have the floor”
Nails – to hold you up
Trowel – to smooth out any rough spots
Bandaids – for those boo boos you make
Chocolate candy – because it makes working worthwhile

Judy’s notes of more ideas: There’s always the tiny nails for picture hanging; toothpaste for covering up the holes when you move it again; How about a Honey Do list that you can make up to be put up on the fridge; Just some post it notes with a cover sheet with Honey does or Dues with cute graphic; A cheap comb is handy as a holder for the nails so you don’t hit your fingers and bandaids for when you do; A roll of Duct Tape would be handy for so many things including when he/she WON’T SHUT UP!; How about a couple of packets of seeds to plant along with the appropriate plant pokes; How about coupons for McD so they can have an evening out on the town (Mc D’s because as a new homeowner, that’s all they will be able to afford); A phone number to call when they are ready to give it all up. How about 1-555-HELP (Gosh, I hope that’s not a real number); A calendar with the instructions that it will take at least a year to completely move in – not to stress too much, but include Tums for when they do stress.