Doctor’s Kit

$100 Grand Bar- incase some patients can’t pay their bill

Butterfingers-so you never have a case of your own

Gum-use this to get out of “sticky” situations

Starburst-Chew when you have been on call too long and you need a quick “burst of energy

Plastic Maze-This will remind you that you are truly “amazing”

Fireball- For the times you feel completely “burned out”

Rubberband-For when your “patients” are being stretched

Snickers- After all–Laughter is the best medicine

Tylenol-take 2 and call me in the morning

Lifesaver-To remind you that you are a real lifesaver

Tissue-for drying tears

Coke-Caffeine,Caffeine, CAFFEINE

Pacifier-For emergiencies(when you need to pacify those that are unhappy)

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.