Dancer’s Kit

Sunscreen to protect you from burning

Solarcane to take away your burning

Chapstick to protect your beautiful lips

Band aids to comfort your boo boo’s

Ben gay to comfort your tired muscles

Throat losenger to comfort your tired throat

Power bar to get you through practice

Deodorant to keep you smelling oh so pretty

Scrunches so we can see your beautiful face

Tape to keep it all together

Smiley sticker to remind you to smile smile smile

STAR to remind you that you are

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.