Bus Driver

Bus Driver Kit

Tootsie roll – so you can “roll” down the highway
Sponge – to soak up the rain, so you don’t have to drive in it
Mounds – for the mounds of miles that you drive
Marbles – to replace the ones you’ve lost
Gem – to remind you that you are carrying precious cargo
Aspirin – take two every day
Cotton Ball – to cushion those rough roads
Rubberbands – for when your patience is stretched
Tums – for all the nervous stomachs
Mirror – to remind you how important you are.

Bus Driver Kit

A stick of gum – To remind you to stick with it!
A paper clip – To help keep things together.
A pencil – For the next time somebody says “get the lead out”
An eraser – To erase any mistakes or misunderstandings.
Crayons – To “color” your days bright and sunny
A tissue – To wipe away a tear– your own or someone else’s.
A poem – To share the beauty of words.
A penny – So you have enough “cents” to realize what a good job you are doing
A piece of string – For when you reach the end of your rope – this will keep you going a bit longer
A band aid – For healing hurt feelings, yours and someone else’s.
A candle – To find your way to the bus on those dark mornings.
A rubber band – A reminder to stay flexible
A cotton ball – For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of your family and friends.
A recipe – To make when you have all that extra time in the summer!
A joke – Laughter is the best medicine.

Bus Driver Poem
Special Person Author:Carolyn Henry

She is a special person, I’m sure you’ll all agree
She’s the kind of person, I wanted her to be

She is very responsible, in caring for your child
She won’t let them be rowdy, and they can’t be wild

She drives the bus they ride on, each and every day
she makes sure they are careful, on the bus when they play

She does your job for you, when you send them out the door
They are hers to care for, Until they are home once more.

Do you ever think about her, and the job she does for you
Do you ever say Thank you, for watching all this crew

She’s not in it for the pay, there’s not enough for that,
She wants to take care of them, and that is where its at

Do you put yourself in her place, as you send them out the door
Do you know she worries, until they’re home once more

That is your most precious possession, she is holding in her hand
She knows this and wishes, someone would understand

She is your School Bus Driver but don’t you sell her short
She is caring for your children, and she’s doing it from her heart.

Poem for bus drivers

There are heroes in our land today that never receive any recognition
Some of these are a child’s first acquaintance of education.
Now a teacher might be the first one who comes to your mind,
But I speak of the bus driver for which the kids wait in line.

For a moment, put your self in the bus driver’s shoes,
And I’m sure you will find that it’s a job you might not want to choose.
Just think what it would be like to baby sit for sixty kids or better,
And remember you must chauffeur this bus load of kids regardless of the weather.

I must admit, to be in front of a classroom with 20-30 kids wouldn’t be a picnic,
But to drive 60 kids over icy roads would set my nerves on edge and make my stomach sick.
A school bus driver is like the postman and must go regardless of rain, snow, gloom, and darkest of night,
But no postman ever had to have 60 kids, clean up their mess, or break up a fight.

A child can have a bad day at school without any warning,
But can be forgotten when a bus driver says, ” Have a good evening, I’ll see you in the morning”.
Ask any student, what heroes of theirs never received any fame,
And I’ll bet a bus driver will be among those that they name.

Author: Dave Arnold

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.