Bad Day Boxes

This little box is marvelous for anyone, but especially for mommies like me!

A Bad Day Box is a box or container that is filled with things that make you happy!
When you’ve had one of those days at the office, or with the kids….this little box will help you keep your chin up!

What Kind of Box Do I Need?
Large shoe box, popcorn container or cookie tin or a good, strong sized box that can fit a lot of your “happy” things!
You can decorate these with pretty wrapping paper, or fabric with hodge podge, or tissue paper, anything to make it happy!
You don’t have to call it a “Bad Day Box”….you can call it “Getting Away From the World Box”, or “Sanity Box”, or “My Happy Box”, anything that makes you smile!

What Do I Put Into My Bad Day Box?
Anything that makes you smile and feel good again!

For Example:
Your favorite movie, your favorite CD, your favorite poem or story, pictures of your childhood, a medium coil notebook that you use when you want to vent your frustrations, some pages with some positive things about
each of your kids/your husband/yourself, a thank you card you received from a friend, your favorite birthday card, some jokes/comic clippings, bubble bath, small scented candle, herbal relaxing tea, your favorite perfume, your favorite childhood memory written down, all your accomplishment written down, your favorite book, your favorite candy, if you’re religious some of your favorite scriptures that lift you up

What Do I Do With My Bad Day Box?
Keep it in a secret place….like under your bed, or on a shelf in your closet, or in one of your dresser drawers. Take it out and use some, or all of the objects in the box to make you feel yourself again!

If you need to do this a few nights in a row….just remember to restock the supplies that need to be.

Remember this Box is to cheer you up! This is not a goal box, this is not a guilt box of everything that you’re doing wrong!

This is something special that you should always keep close to you….a box that you can have easy access to when those days get too hard….this is your personal, happy box!

No other family member should look in your box……this is your sanctum, your private place you go to every time you are having “just-one-of-those-days”!!!

These fun kits are made simply by adding all of the “ingredients”, printing the list of items and their meaning and putting it all in a jar with a nice decorative jar topper. These are inexpensive kits, especially if you can recycle the jar from your kitchen (keep your eye open for nice jelly and relish jars at the store.