Chinese Hot Pot


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Soups > Poultry

4 - 13 3/4 ounce cans low sodium condensed chicken broth
1 cup white wine
1/4 cup Tamari soy sauce
1-2 teaspoons sugar
2 3 1/2 ounce packages Oriental style noodles without flavor packet
8 ounce oriental style vegetables such as mushrooms carrots broccoli
1 jar baby corn
1 cup fresh pea pods
1 pound chicken breasts boneless skinless and cut into bite size pieces
1 bunch watercress trimmed
4 green onions cut into 1 inch lengths

Combine broth, wine, soy and sugar in 5 quart skillet or stovetop casserole. Break noodles in half; add to skillet with vegetables, corn, pea pods and chicken. Bring to boil.
Reduce heat to medium low and cook 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in watercress and onions. Serve immediately. Recipe from One Pot Meals