Baked Gouda

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1 pkg. refrigerated crescent rolls
1 gouda cheese any flavor
small amount of milk

lightly oil cookie sheet

take two crescent roll pastries and roll them together on a floured surface, to make a flat piece approx. 8 x 8. Place unwrapped gouda in center and fold pastry over cheese gently sealing the edges. Place lumpy side down on cookie sheet. You can decorate by cutting tiny leaves from left-over dough and arranging on top of gouda. Brush lightly with milk and bake . BAKE AT 400 FOR 10-15 MINUTES OR UNTIL PASTRY IS GOLDEN BROWN. SERVE IMMEDIATELY WITH CRAKERS AND FRESH FRUIT. APPLES AND PEARS ARE ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH THIS. May be refrigerated and heated at 1 minute intervals until warmed all the way through.