Last minute valentine’s gifts

still looking for that something special? Do something romantic without looking bad.

– Make a music CD. With downloads available for less than $1 a song, it’s easy to put together a great romantic playlist of son’s that your significant other will love (and love you for). Legal downloads can be obtained from many sources including, and many others. You probably have everything you need (an ipod or cd burner) to create romantic sounds.

– Rent a movie. Children in the house? Find a baby sitter if the kids are old enough for some uninterupted entertainment.

– Dinner. Order in or take out if you don’t have the skills or desire to cook a meal. Candles with some great “mood music” can make even McDonald’s seem like romance on a tight budget. Add an inexpensive bottle of red wine if you’re staying in.

Do remember, love isn’t just for one day of the year, surprise your valentine now and then any time of the year.