Easter Fun

Register at Crayola.com for access to lots of seasonal projects for young children through teens. Current featured project include:

  • Flower-Top Box
  • Irresistible Egg Centerpiece
  • Flock of Feathery Friends
  • Eggs in a Basket
  • Freckled Frog
  • Passover Seder Plate
  • String-Painted Basket

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Looking for new ideas on making spectular and fun Easter Eggs? Visit FabulousFoods.com for instructions to create a fun assortment for any basket:

  • Abstract Eggs
  • Dinosaur Eggs
  • Marbled Eggs
  • Spatter Eggs
  • Help from Stickers Eggs
  • Banded Eggs
  • All Natural Onion Skin Dyed Eggs

Looking for something a little less messy, have fun decoring these online Easter Eggs. My only wish list item for this one is that you could reuse the designs. You can also paint an egg while you’re there. Just print and cut out when you’re done.

The M&M’s website is among my season favorites too. For those with a bit of time and patience, you can create these fabulous centerpiece in plenty of time for the big family dinner.
Egg Tree Topiary or simply have fun in the kitchen with younger decorators with Baby Animal Cupcakes.