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I’m a clutterbug :(

I admit it. I need a support group LOL. This weekend, I finally decided that the desk that we put upstairs 2 years ago to make room for the Christmas tree was never going to see use again. It’s been sitting in the middle of my son’s bedroom (he’s only here a few days a month) for all this time. Of course, we wrestled it down the stairs and out the door with the idea that we’d put a free sign on it and let it find it’s way to someone else’s home, only to realize it was raining lightly and chances were good it would be ruined before rescued, so we trudged around the side of the house to the porch and called on the local Freecycle group to the rescue. Thank goodness, within the hour it was gone to a new home with someone across town.

3 bags of fabric that my mother gave me almost a year and a half ago, with the instruction to find it a new home have finally left the spot next to my bed (I have no clue why I didn’t post them sooner), also found a new home along with a scooby doo interactive book and a mismatched scooby doo pillowcase. Last week I gave away a stack of programming books that was at least 3 feet high. Haven’t cracked one of them since I was in school 5 years ago and don’t expect to ever again.

Why do we hold on to things we don’t need? It’s very frustrating to not have room for the things you really do want, but the inability to get rid of things without guilt or regret. I’m slowing trying to part with things that don’t make me happy, I can’t say I’ll ever recover from my packrat “illness”, but, I can say that I’m doing better than I was. Part of my recovery is learning to say No. For years, people were always trying to give me things I didn’t need. When I said no, they looked at me like they couldn’t believe I was turning down such a great item (whatever it may be). So, to avoid disappointing someone, I’d take it home, and put it somewhere. I recently found a baby pool float tucked behind a bunch of things on my bookshelf. I have no clue how it got there. I have half an idea where it came from, but not when. My youngest child is now 9 years old. Chances are good that this item has been in my home for at least 7 years. It’s practically brand new except that it’s not in a package of any type, so, it’s finding a new home tomorrow.

We can all use a reminder now and then: Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s worth taking, and just because it’s worth money doesn’t mean it’s worth keeping.

I’m going to encourage each of you to go through a few closets and bookshelves (you may not need to go very far). Fill a bag (any size, start small if you need to with a plastic shopping bag) and donate it to charity or join a local freecycle or other gifting group and find it a new home, fill one bag with junk that broken, stained, hardened beyond use (lotions in the back of the closet are a good candidate for toxic disposal :p) and with any luck, you’ll find a few things you didn’t know you had and might enjoy. Most of us start a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, make your home part of that plan and drop a few unwanted pounds in items that are collecting dust around your home (husbands and children don’t count). Involve the kids too while you’re at it. My daughter loves handing down unwanted items to other children. Her barney tapes (which she inherited from her older brother) are slowly finding their way into other homes. I believe by the end of the week we’ll have uncovered the last of them.

If you’re looking for a support group for housework, you’re in luck, check out and join the mailing list for weekday “missions”, a series of themed steal missions into the deep recesses of your medicine cabinets and closets. Each mission is a short adventure that even us working moms can handle if we put our minds to it.