Wrought Iron Wall Decor: Ideas for Decorating a Great Room

Wrought iron is an excellent choice for decorating a great room, and many different room styles can be enhanced with the addition of wrought iron wall decor. When searching for wrought iron wall decor you will find countless designs and sizes, and touches of color and shinning gold or silver accents are often used to embellish fine wrought iron. Consider the following ways of decorating a great room with wrought iron wall decor, and give your great room a completely new and stylish look.

Decorating Above a Doorway

Horizontal works of wrought iron wall decor are ideal for decorating over great room doorways, especially if ceilings are high. Half circle works of metal wall art are also perfect to enhance a doorway. If ceilings are high and space allows, choose a horizontal design or a half circle to embellish great room doorways. They will look like grand entrances rather than walkways into and out of the room.

Creating an Impressive Focal Point

A focal point is a must-have for every room, and a fine work of wrought iron wall decor makes a stunning display. Choose a large work of metal art for an expansive wall, and decorate around it with stylish wall planters. Fill the wall planters with artificial greenery and floral arrangements that coordinate well with the room. Select the right piece of metal art to display on a great room wall and it will instantly become the focal point, even if you choose to display it alone.

Add Interest When Windows are Few

A great room with a wall of windows is stunning to say the least, but windows are not always expansive or impressive. Some rooms lack a sufficient amount of windows, but they do not have to lack style. Choose large square works of wrought iron wall decor to create the illusion of windows. You will find a myriad of choices that will greatly enhance the walls of your great room.

Decorating Walls with High Ceilings

A spacious wall with high ceilings can be decorated with a wall tapestry, a large mirror, or a fine painting and topped with an impressive work of wrought iron decor. High ceilings are a plus when decorating with large works of art, and they look exceptional in a great room. In addition, an area with high ceilings and plenty of room above windows can be decorated with wrought iron decor. Choose impressive horizontal pieces to top windows for a look that is sure to impress.

Continuing the Theme

Along with wrought iron works of art, choose other striking metal furnishings and works of art to complete the look of your great room. Slate topped tables with metal frames and legs are very easy to care for, and they are exceptionally sturdy and stylish. Consider choosing a slate tile coffee table, side tables, and a sofa table to complete the furnishings while adding practicality. Slate goes very well with metal embellished furnishings, and it is a great choice when decorating with high-quality wrought iron.

Many accessories are also made from wrought iron and would go quite well in a great room primarily decorated with metal decor. Wall Sconces, wall grilles, curtain rods, and framed architectural prints that include iron gates are just some of the accessories that would tie the look of the room together. It will provide many years of worry-free beauty while adding richness to the appearance of your home.


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