Wall Mirrors: Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Breezeway

Mirror Tips and Tricks

It is convenient to have a finished breezeway connecting a garage with the rest of the home, but many times the breezeway becomes a catchall for shoes, boots, jackets, and whatnot. Instead of allowing your breezeway to turn into an oversized walkthrough closet, consider the following creative ways to decorate a small breezeway using beautiful wall mirrors. Not only will the mirrors add considerable style and amazing appeal to the room, but they will also add the illusion of square footage. Your finished breezeway can become a decorative and impressive part of the home.

Make the Room Lighter and Brighter

Contrary to popular belief, not all breezeways are lined with windows. Some have as little as a single window, and any type of light will help make a room appear larger. To make a small breezeway appear lighter and brighter, choose a high-quality wall mirror, and if possible, hang it across from a window to reflect natural light and enlarge the appearance of the room.

Once you have chosen a wall mirror to fit the space, consider making the mirror the focal point of the breezeway by surrounding it with stylish wall decor. Wall planters, wrought iron wall hangings, candle wall sconces, and metal wall art are all excellent choices, and they can greatly add to the design of the breezeway. Whether the look you prefer is contemporary or cottage style, you can find a mirror and accessories that will look outstanding in a small breezeway, and what was once just a walkway will look more like a part of your home.

Mirror Placement Tips to Enlarge the Look of the Space

When decorating a small room such as a breezeway, try mounting two mirrors across from one another. They will make the room look considerably larger while adding style and design to the room. You will discover mirrors of all sizes and price ranges to meet every budget and preference, and buying two beautiful mirrors is by far the least expensive and easiest way to add the illusion of square footage to a small breezeway. Best of all, mirrors are certain to never go out of style, and they are a wise investment.

Provide a Last-Minute Place to Primp

Everyone appreciates a well placed wall mirror for checking makeup and hair, and an area near a breezeway door is ideal for a high-quality wall mirror. It provides an extra area for primping and grooming before leaving the home. Consider choosing a classy wall mirror to place next to the breezeway door. Not only will the wall mirror look stylish, but it will help insure that you look stylish too.

Add the Illusion of More Windows

As previously mentioned, not all breezeways are equipped with rows of windows, and to add the illusion of windows, add a series of wall mirrors instead of just one or two. In between the wall mirrors consider hanging wrought iron wall decor or high-quality metal wall art to add style and three-dimensional interest to the breezeway. Mirrors add timeless appeal to any space, and a breezeway is no exception. You can transform an ordinary breezeway into an extraordinary part of your home.


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