The Smart Way For Children To Surf the Web

(NAPSI)-If your children seem to feel a connection to the computer, they’re not alone. Studies show that 65 percent of American children use the Internet from home, school or some other location, a 50 percent growth rate since 2000.

Educators say the growth can be seen everywhere. In homes, schools, and libraries across the country, more children are logging on, more often, for longer periods of time.

For example, cleverclubhouse. com is a virtual “kids club” that provides children ages 3 to 8 with a safe, entertaining and educational surfing experience. The site has over 90 interactive activities that serve as fun ways for users to develop important educational skills.

Each child user has a personal online room that he or she can design, and the site features graphics and sounds to engage children-even if they are still too young to read.

Parents can use the site’s Parental Control Center to become more actively involved in their children’s learning process. The Center lets parents monitor their kids’ activities within the site and it provides customized updates and skill charts for each user. Parents can even access the Center to print award certificates to celebrate their children’s achievements.

The Web site’s educational activities are updated every two weeks and are designed to foster and improve 27 different educational skills, including:

  • Reading and phonics
  • Arithmetic and counting
  • Social studies and geography
  • Writing, grammar and spelling
  • Computer skills
  • Music and art.

The service is accessible from any computer, meaning kids on the go can access the Clubhouse from Grandma’s house, school libraries or virtually anywhere with a PC.

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Parents can use child-friendly Web sites to teach their children educational concepts.

Clever Clubhouse is an award-winning site, designed by educators and development experts. It has a prestigious Teachers’ Choice Award and garnered Education World’s A-plus seal of approval. Consumers who join Clever Clubhouse ( or 1-888-617-CLUB) can enjoy a membership with a free three month trial and also receive a $50 savings bond. The trial membership can be canceled at any time during the three-month trial period by calling toll free and you owe nothing further. Unless the member calls to cancel, the membership will be extended automatically for an entire year at the $89.99 annual fee and automatically renewed annually upon expiration at the then-current annual fee, billed to a credit card account, without the member having to do anything further. Additionally, members may call toll free to cancel at any time and receive a pro-rata refund of their current membership fee. Trilegiant Corporation ( is a leader in the membership services and loyalty businesses, providing products and services that touch the lives of millions of Americans. Along with Progeny Marketing Innovations, Trilegiant is now part of Cendant Marketing Group.