Simple Solutions To Combat Rising Food Prices

Feeling the heat at the grocery store? Canned vegetables can help make wholesome family meals more affordable.

by Hannah Keeley

(NAPSI)-Food prices are on the rise and, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they are expected to climb even higher. With eggs up 40 percent, milk up 20 percent and chicken up 10 percent, many families are feeling the strain on their budgets at the grocery store.

Taking small steps, such as eating before heading to the grocery store and reading the circular to see what’s on sale, can have a big impact at the checkout counter. Here are some other ways families can make the most of their grocery budget:

• Planning ahead is very important. Before you go to the grocery store, plan out a week’s worth of meals. Check your pantry for any items you already have and make a list so you know exactly what to buy at the store.

• To cut down on cost, choose affordable canned vegetables such as Libby’s, which are just as nutritious and great tasting as pricey fresh varieties. GetBack has delicious easy recipes to help moms incorporate canned vegetables into family dinners.

• Buy in bulk only when it’s a product you know you will use, and check the price per ounce listed on the shelf to make sure you’re getting the most product for your money.

• For moms shopping with children, create a learning experience. Before you set out, show your kids your list and explain that it is exactly what the family needs for the week. Get the kids involved by having them hunt for essentials. Older children can put their math skills to real-world use by weighing items, counting cans and calculating sale prices.

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Hannah Keeley is a mother of seven and author of “Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover: The Six-Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, and Life.”