Selecting A Countertop You Can Count On

Experts say one key to having a great-looking countertop and a well-polished kitchen is reliable, professional installation.

(NAPSI)-Increasingly, homeowners are finding they can give a home a new look by updating one or two key elements in the kitchen.

New countertops, for instance, can dramatically transform the look of any kitchen. By choosing from a wide variety of materials such as granite, quartz, solid surface and laminate, homeowners are sure to find a countertop that fits their lifestyle and budget perfectly.

It is important for homeowners to determine the look they want to achieve before they begin. It’s also essential for homeowners to know that the key to great-looking countertops and a well-polished kitchen is reliable, professional installation.

Professional installers ensure that the correct measurements are taken from the beginning. Additionally, licensed professionals can answer questions about warranties and maintenance techniques.

To help make the countertop selection and installation process a success from beginning to end, below are five tips from The Home Depot Home Services:

  • Countertop Selection. Homeowners should research their options and identify the look they are trying to achieve beforehand. Homeowners might consider granite for a more traditional look and colored quartz for a more retro atmosphere.

    Shoppers might also consider maintenance. For example, countertop surfaces such as Silestone® use materials that are scratch and stain resistant, making them virtually maintenance-free. Silestone is the first countertop with Microban (built-in anti-microbial product protection). Granite, with the exception of Stonemark®, needs to be resealed occasionally, and marble can stain.

  • Initial Store Visit. Bring measurements from existing countertop areas, plus design ideas for any layout changes or additions being considered.
  • In-Home Template. Once the new countertop material has been selected, a certified countertop installer will visit to verify measurements and create a template of the new countertop. (The template is the blueprint used to fabricate the custom countertop.) The installer will review seam placement and edges.
  • Professional Installation. After the countertops are fabricated and inspected, the installer will set up a convenient time for installation. When the countertops arrive, it’s important for homeowners to personally inspect them to make sure that they are in perfect condition.
  • Final Walk-Through. After installation, the installer will explain care, maintenance and warranties. This is the time to ask any last-minute questions or address concerns about the countertops.

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