Secret Santas Gain Inspiration From The Internet

So the secret’s out. There are no excuses for giving the wrong present. And perhaps best of all, you won’t have to fake the thank- you smile when you open your Secret Santa present this year.

(NAPSI)-The popular tradition of Secret Santa was created to solve a problem. Faced with buying gifts for a large group of colleagues, people came up with the idea of each person just buying a gift for one person. Everybody gets to share in the spirit of the season and no one spends a small fortune on presents.

Problem solved? Not quite. For many people, there can be challenges involved with picking out gifts for Secret Santa exchanges.

“Workplace gift exchanges can be quite tricky,” says Tom Tsao from Yahoo! Shopping. “Etiquette dictates that you want to avoid anything too risqué, cheesy or inappropriate. You’ve also got the added pressure of trying to be creative while working within a usually small price limit.”

This year, savvy Secret Santas can turn to the Internet for help.

For ideas on gifts, categorized by price and by recipient personality, head over to Yahoo! Shopping (, which has added recommended Secret Santa gifts to its Holiday Gift Center. These ideas include gift cards, wine, spa gifts, books and more.

There are also a number of Web sites that offer free gift exchange organizing tools. and were both started by people trying to find a better way to manage gift exchanges. As well as matching participants with one another, allows for exclusions so that Paris is not assigned to Nicole or vice versa. has a nifty function that lets you ask questions of your gift recipient (e.g., What’s your favorite color? Are you allergic to nuts?), without revealing your identity.

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