Refresh Your Home With Simple And Small Touches: Elegant Additions Instantly Add Character and Charm to Your Home

(NAPSI)-Selecting home décor is never an easy process, especially for those hard-to-decorate rooms and spaces. From finding the right wall color to selecting the best flooring, furniture and accessories, homeowners are often at a loss.

Trends in home décor quickly come and go, but by following a few simple guidelines, homeowners can make decorating easy instead of frightening. It’s all about finding and matching the perfect pieces to complement your space and your personality. There is no “one size fits all” in home decorating, but lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland has found some ways to universalize décor basics for homeowners. As CEO and chief designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, Kathy’s mission statement is “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.”

“When taking on home décor projects, following a few guidelines helps make my life as a working mom-and all moms work whether they get paid or not-fun and easy,” said Kathy. “Having elegant and functional pieces with bold and beautiful colors has really added to the style and personality of my home and it can with yours, too.”

Kathy, in her home design work, finds the following solutions most helpful:

  1. Color makes any room come alive. Every color in the rainbow is accessible and can quickly give a room a new look. Hues and intensity can make a difference in the feeling and tone you bring to a room when refreshing its look. Changing the space with color adds spirit and dictates how the color palette will grow as you start to bring in accessories.
  2. Accessories add personality to a home. Your accessories tell a story about you to visitors. They also make your home more inviting and comfortable for you and your family. Families can always rely on Kathy Ireland Home by Franz to bring elegance and personality to any room in their home. The seasonal pieces as well as the everyday collections from the Franz Collection complement existing décor and really bring new elements into the room. The Franz Collection designs hand-painted, hand-sculpted porcelain pieces ranging from functional serving trays and teapots to gorgeous vases and bowls for every room, and the Kathy Ireland Home for Pacific Coast accessories feature designs of different textures and materials.
  3. Grouping and mixing accessories is a key element in making a room or space reflect your style. It is important to use all possible decorative space without making the space look awkward. The Franz Collection lends itself nicely to this, as the pieces are part of specific lines but can be used in different areas of the home and can be grouped with other-sized pieces, making a great aesthetic. Displaying objects, such as two Luminescence teacups and teapot together, is a great addition to a glass-front cupboard or hutch. Grouping items in odd numbers is most appealing to the eye while showing off your beautiful, usable pieces of art for the home.
  4. Another easy way to brighten a space is to accessorize with flowers. Vases can really add to a room and a bold vase really makes a difference as a focal point. To put together a special arrangement, bring a bright and colorful vase, such as the Luminescence Vase from Kathy Ireland Home by Franz, to your local florist for a special occasion. Professionals can help design a custom arrangement that complements the vase and incorporates style and quality into any room in the house, and help you feel confident in your own designs because flowers from your supermarket or garden also work beautifully with this vase. Homeowners can find retailers in their area who carry Kathy Ireland Home accessories at or more items from The Franz Collection at