New Lawn Fertilizers Helping Families, Pet Owners ‘Green Responsibly’

Organic and organic-based fertilizers are becoming increasingly popular ways to “Green Responsibly.”

(NAPSI)-There should be nothing scary about watching your child or pet rolling around on the back lawn. Unfortunately, many conventional, chemical-based lawn fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides contain toxins that could put you, your children and the family pet at risk.

Concerns about potential health effects of chemical fertilizers and other lawn and garden products have spurred the development of innovative natural, organic and organic-based alternatives that enable concerned homeowners to “Green Responsibly.” These products are now appearing at leading national retailers such as Wal-Mart and Meijer as well as local lawn and garden stores.

“Homeowners used to be skeptical about organic and organic-based fertilizers because they didn’t believe they could produce the same lush, green lawn they enjoyed with chemical products,” said Jeff Jerousek, director of sales for Garden Way LLC. “Today, when used as directed, many of these new products actually offer better overall performance than chemicals and last longer.”

One of these products, Nature’s Touch Natural Organic-Based Lawn & Garden Fertilizer, is formulated to “green” the average lawn in just seven to 10 days and continue nurturing the treated area over a longer period. Nature’s Touch also is available with a “power package” of 300 enzymes that work in harmony with the environment to produce a deeper grass root structure and thicker lawn, according to the manufacturer. More important, the fertilizer contains no hazardous insecticides or herbicides.

The benefits of natural, organic and organic-based fertilizers are also important to operators of outdoor youth sports programs, public parks and pet recreation areas, hundreds of whom are being offered promotional Nature’s Touch fertilizer kits for the 2007 season.

“Many pet recreation areas don’t have much grass because the operators are concerned, rightly so, about using chemical fertilizers and pesticides,” Jerousek said. “The development of fertilizers and other products to alleviate those concerns will help create a better, cleaner, more enjoyable experience for the pets and their owners.”