Making Do-It-Yourself Projects Easier

All-in-one products can make household projects easier to handle.

by John Buechner

(NAPSI)-It seems there’s no place like home for making improvements. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, Americans spent more than $168 billion on home improvements and repairs in 2006.

Whether you’re repairing a rusty fence, keeping furniture in shape or doing simple chores, there are ways to make household projects easier.

Tools Of The Trade

Be sure you’ve got the right tools on hand, in working order and ready to go. It also helps to keep an all-in-one product around, since you never know what one project will lead to.

For instance, something called Jig-A-Loo is known as a “lubripellent”-an invisible, all-around lubricant and water repellent with hundreds of practical uses. It’s meant to stop squeaks, unstick just about anything, protect against the elements and more. The pleasant-smelling potion (think cream soda) can be used with surfaces ranging from wood and metal to leather and fabric. The product’s unique name was derived from “Tsi-gi-dou,” a French-Canadian phrase for “I’ve got it!,” which the inventor exclaimed when he found the winning formula. It quickly morphed into the more phonetic “Jig-A-Loo,” and the product has been a mainstay in Canadian homes and garages ever since.

In fact, its fans have been using it for 50 years. They recently submitted their favorite uses for the spray. Here’s a look at some ideas:


• Keep your door hinges, bed, shower curtain and clothesline squeak-free.

• Loosen rusty nuts and screws.

• Shine leaves of artificial houseplants.


• Prevent grass from sticking to lawn mower blades and motor.

• Keep garden plant boxes bright and rust-free.

• Keep flowerpots from sticking together when stacked in storage.

• Lubricate hurricane shutters, swing sets and hinges on pruning shears.

• Help remove rusty nails from lawn furniture.

• Keep wicker chairs from squeaking.


• Provide all-weather protection to shoes and leather.

• Unkink gold chains.

• Loosen screws in watchbands to enable link removal.

For Fun

• Lubricate ski and snowboard bindings.

• Quiet squeaky piano pedals.

• Spray on tents to repel water.

• Protect hatches and hatch locks on boats against salt water while lubricating.

• Prevent fishing flies from rusting.

You can find the product at Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other stores. Visit for more information.