Hearing Those Who Are Close To Your Heart

hearing(NAPSI)-Here’s news many grandparents may appreciate hearing about-news that may help them get even more enjoyment out of the time they spend with their grandchildren.

Spending time outdoors with grandchildren can be difficult due to the noise levels at some places such as restaurants, amusement parks and playgrounds. Research shows that a hearing aid using directional microphones can improve speech understanding for many hearing-impaired individuals in a variety of noisy situations.

That’s why a company considered the world leader of hearing instrument technology-Siemens Hearing Solutions-has created a new hearing aid called Triano.

This aid automatically adjusts to a listener’s hearing environment with the help of its Speech Comfort System. It improves a listener’s understanding of speech in a noisy environment, such as a playground, with TriMic, its three-directional microphone system.

For more information and to locate a hearing care professional in your area, visit www.siemens-hearing.com. Or for a free brochure on Triano, call toll-free 1-888-829-8168.

Grandparents can hear the laughter among the noise with the help of a new hearing aid.