Five Easy Furniture Fixes

You can party hearty and still have fine looking furniture if you heed a few hints.

by Bruce Johnson

(NAPSI)-If your home is everyone’s favorite gathering place, you may appreciate some handy hints to keep your furniture in tip-top shape:

  1. Remove white rings. Thanks to all those guests who didn’t put a coaster down under their wine glass, you now have white rings on your coffee table. These white rings are moisture trapped in the finish. To remove them, use ordinary lemon oil and lightly rub on top of the white ring with fine #0000 steel wool.
  2. Conceal scratches. For those pesky little scratches on the finish of your dining table, you don’t necessarily have to refinish the whole surface. Take a Minwax Stain Marker, match the right color marker to the wood and fill in the scratch. You may want to blend more than one color to get the best effect. Then take a clean rag and wipe off excess stain.
  3. Lift candle wax. Candles are great for special occasions but can drip onto furniture. Don’t try to wipe off the wax. This will only drive it further into the finish. Wait until the wax dries and then place an ice cube on top of the wax. This will make the wax brittle so you can scrape it off gently with a plastic scraper or credit card.
  4. Fill in holes. Furniture may get holes from nails or small gouges from wear and tear. For minor nail holes, use a touch of Minwax Wood Putty, that comes in different wood colors to match your furniture. Apply putty into hole and wipe off the excess.
  5. Perk up the finish and add an overall luster to your furniture with a thin coat of Minwax Wipe-On Poly finish. Using a clean rag and a clean surface, apply the finish, working it into the wood and wiping off the excess. This can bring back shine and protect the wood.

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Bruce Johnson is a noted author, craftsman and expert on wood finishing and antiques restoration.