Budget Home Décor Designed with Lace

Unique and Elegant Decorating Ideas

The detail of fine lace fabric is extraordinarily beautiful. The unique designs and intricate features are interesting and highly ornamental. Lace fabric has many creative uses that go far beyond tablecloths and curtains. If you love the look of lace, you can easily decorate with old lace fabric in many unique and creative ways. Worn lace curtains or an old lace tablecloth can be used to add a great deal of beauty and appeal to home decor.

Consider the following budget ways to decorate using old lace fabric. You can turn ordinary home decor and furnishings into extraordinary works of art while recycling old lace fabric that might have otherwise been thrown away. Artistic talent is not required for these simple and budget-friendly home decorating ideas.

Give a Table a Budget Facelift with Lace

Lace material from an old curtain or tablecloth makes a fantastic stencil. If you have an end table or a nightstand that could use a facelift, instead of redoing the entire piece with costly refinishing products, consider giving it a completely new look using lace fabric and paint. This is a great way to redo a wood tabletop without spending a lot of time or money, and the results are outstanding.

Begin by protecting the edges of the table with painter’s tape. Next, prepare the tabletop with primer and a base coat of paint in a color of your choice according to product label instructions. After the paint has dried, cover the tabletop with a piece of wrinkle-free lace fabric. Lightly spray paint over the fabric, and allow the paint to dry for several minutes before removing the fabric. The fabric stencil will create a beautiful pattern that will be ideal for furnishing a bedroom or any other room that would look lovely with uniquely embellished and lacy decor.

Easy Budget-Friendly Placemats

To add a touch of lace to kitchen or dining room decor, consider making simple laminated lace placemats using clear adhesive vinyl and old lace fabric. These budget placemats are easy to make, and better yet, they are easy to wipe clean. They add a touch of elegance and class to any decor.

Consider practicing with scraps of clear vinyl adhesive and small pieces of lace fabric before making the placemats. They also make unique and beautiful little bookmarks that make great gifts. This is a great way to use scraps of lace material that might otherwise end up in the trash.

To make the first placemat, cut two sheets of clear adhesive vinyl to the appropriate size, and carefully lay the first piece, adhesive side up, on a clean flat surface. Cut a section of lace to fit the center of the clear vinyl while leaving at least one inch around the edges. Carefully center the fabric over the clear adhesive vinyl. Smooth it into place, and carefully place the second clear adhesive sheet over the fabric. Smooth it into place, and use a needle to pop any air bubbles. Use pinking shears or decorative-edge scissors and a ruler to complete the edges of these easy yet elegant budget placemats.

Inexpensive Lace Mated Photos

Framed mated photos and works of art add a great deal of style and interest to home decor, but a photo or work of art mated and framed by lace looks exceptionally lovely. Consider wrapping an ordinary mat with old lace fabric for elegant romantic appeal. Lace framed photos and works of art look beautiful when placed in a bedroom or any room with old-fashioned charm.

Simply coat a precut mat with high-quality spray adhesive, and wrap the mat as you would wrap a gift. Cut off excess fabric as necessary, and fold the corners over the back of the mat for a neat and seamless appearance. Complete the project by framing the piece as usual. Hang it on a wall or place it in any location that could use a little elegance and unique decorative appeal.

Budget Candle Holders

If you have ordinary glass candleholders that lack style and design, give them a completely new look with a little leftover lace. For an elegant and exceptionally stylish candle display, wrap ordinary glass votive cups with section of pretty lace. Attach it with self-adhesive strips or a little double-sided clear tape. Add a colorful candle, and when the candle is lit, the light will shine through the intricate designs and create a beautiful display unlike any other.

Anytime you have leftover lace from window treatments or an old table covering, keep it for these and many other unique uses around the home. With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn ordinary furnishings and accessories into unique and stunning budget home decor. Besides recycling fabric that might otherwise end up in a landfill, you will add a great deal of beauty and designer appeal to your home without spending a lot of money.

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