Better Warm-Weather Drywall Finishing

When finishing drywall, it helps to use the right joint compounds.

(NAPSI)-Warm weather and remodeling seem to go hand in hand. If you’re tackling a remodeling project or putting on an addition, you’ll want to take certain precautions when using drywall. That’s because summer weather-whether it’s hot and dry or wet and humid-affects the performance and working qualities of the joint compounds that conceal gypsum panel joints.

A good first step in any drywall project is to use high-quality gypsum board panels. United States Gypsum Company’s Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels, for instance, snap cleanly, requiring less rasping and joint compound. Also, stick with brand-name joint treatment products, which offer reliable consistency and performance.

Some additional good-sense practices to consider when finishing drywall:

  • When the weather is hot and dry, use setting-type joint compounds such as Sheetrock Brand Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compound (Easy Sand™), as these products harden quickly and help minimize the effects of very fast drying conditions. Work shorter lengths in order to finish each section before the compound becomes too dry.
  • Prevent extremely rapid air movement from reaching wet joints, especially if a thin-consistency mix is applied. This combination can cause cracking.
  • When conditions are wet and humid, allow each coat of compound to dry thoroughly before applying subsequent coats. Don’t rely on a visual inspection to check joint dryness. Use setting-type or lightweight setting-type joint compounds, as their rates of hardening are virtually unaffected by high or fluctuating humidity.

No matter what the weather conditions, be sure to follow these basic installation practices:

  • DO keep tools and mixing containers clean at all times. Always use clean water for mixing.
  • DO add powder compounds to water when mixing-not water to powder. And sift compounds when pouring.
  • Do use 150 grit or finer sandpaper when sanding all-purpose joint compounds.
  • DO remove all sanding dust from surfaces prior to decorating.
  • DON’T roughen the surface paper of drywall panels when sanding. This raises the nap of the paper and can cause joint and fastener areas to remain visible after decoration.
  • DON’T begin painting before the joints are thoroughly dry.

For more drywall tips, write to United States Gypsum Company, 125 S. Franklin St., Chicago, IL 60606-4678 or call (888) 874-2450 and ask for the company’s Quality Drywall Finishing in All Kinds of Weather brochure.