Advice for Parents: Guiding Students Through the Rigors of SAT

For those of us who had to spend hundreds of hours studying for the dreadful SAT test, the memories might be too vivid. Learning obscure rules related to sentence structure errors, Algebra, and Geometry seemed like a curse one had to endure in order to gain admission into a selective college.

The SAT has undergone some changes in the recent years, but it certainly did not become easier. To make things worse, competition for admission at most American colleges and universities has become more pronounced. As a result, hundreds of thousands of high school juniors and seniors struggle with SAT preparation every year. Sure, there are prep courses costing between $499 and $1,199 that help students learn test-taking techniques and shortcuts. But with few families able to afford these fees, most students are left on their own to prepare for the test.

Enter PrepSage, a company that helps students prepare for the SAT online. Instead of providing face-to-face interaction that comes with the expensive prep courses, PrepSage offers hundreds of SAT questions online, giving the site visitors an opportunity to answer multiple-choice questions and providing comprehensive explanation of all given answer choices.

PrepSage has been successful in helping thousands of students improve their SAT scores. That success is attributed to many factors, among which is allowing students to practice SAT questions at their own pace. By introducing theirs high school-aged children to PrepSage, parents can help them not only in attaining competitive advantage over their peers, but in reinforcing the benefit of systematic approach to studying.

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