A ‘Tween And Teen Guide To Decorating

Brush up-Painting a room may be one of the quickest ways to freshen up any space. Try two or three colors on different walls.

by Scott Sicari and Jordin Ruderman

ND3250(NAPSI)-Because a teenager’s room can seem a haven, as a child grows, it’s important for parents to encourage their youngsters to express themselves in a space they can call their own.

Developing a decorating plan and budget can help teens identify what’s needed for the transformation, while giving parents a chance to veto unrealistic goals. Budgets don’t have to break the bank: Old and new items can be included in the makeover. Refinishing, re-covering or adding creative touches to existing items or adding color, lighting, accessories and fabrics can all be simple and effective updates.

Painting is one of the quickest ways to freshen up a room. If a teen’s favorite color is orange, say, he or she can be surrounded by it every day. Try two or three colors on different walls or in patterns or stripes and don’t forget the ceiling.

Adding colorful luminary lighting provides a fun dramatic touch. Update the old lava lamp with a Scented Oil Light Show. For example, the new Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Light Show can add both cool, colorful lighting and fresh, fashionable fragrance to the room with teen-friendly scents, such as berry, watermelon or vanilla.

Re-covering existing furniture will also make an impact. With a few yards of fabric, you can make an inexpensive slipcover for the existing bedspread or create a new window treatment by draping fabric around the window frame. Replace the shade on a lighting fixture with one that’s a different color and shape, or toss a throw rug over existing carpet or flooring to add a new texture and color.

Rearranging what is already in the room can make it feel like a brand-new space. By changing the direction of a few old things and adding a few accessories, you can make the old feel new again. A teen’s imagination doesn’t have to be limited to just the bedroom. Bathrooms, game rooms, study areas and other spaces where the teen spends time or entertains friends can also be injected with personal style.

For more information on ‘tween and teen room makeover ideas, visit http://kids.discovery.com/fansites/tradingspaceskids/trading spaceskids.html.

Sicari and Ruderman are hosts of “Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls.”