A Closer Look at Snow Blower Parts

By Ross Bainbridge

You can maximize efficiency, dependability and ease of use with a number of snow blower parts.

A heavy-duty cover will protect your snow blower when not in use.

Drift Cutters
If you want to create sharp, aesthetically pleasing edges to your snow banks, either buy a snow blower that has a built-in drift cutter or buy a conversion kit. These are also known as drift breakers.

Electric Starters
There are two kinds of starters: Electric and recoil. Electric uses a simple button, while recoil uses a cord that you yank. Some starters use a combination of the two. You can convert recoil starters to electric by getting an electric starter kit. They are available for both two-cycle and four-cycle engines.

Gas, Oil, and Stabilizer
Two-cycle engines are for smaller jobs and use a gas/oil mixture, along with a stabilizer: A liquid that keeps the gas/oil mixture from breaking down over time. Stabilizer also slows long-term build-up of deposits in the carburetor. Four-cycle engines are for bigger jobs, use separate gas and oil feeds and do not require stabilizer, but they do require periodic oil changes.

You can buy sealed beam or halogen lights to mount on your snow blower, if it didn’t already come with one. This will make it safe to operate before dawn or after sunset.

Shear Pins
Most augers are connected to the auger shaft with shear pins. These pins break off if you hit an impasse while using your snow blower, thus saving the auger gear case from breakdown. If your unit uses shear pins, be sure to keep a few on hand at all times.

Snow Cabs
Protect yourself from sub-zero temperatures and snow flurries with a snow cab. Usually made of heavy-duty vinyl and freeze-resistant polyethylene, snow cabs attach to the handlebars of your dual stage snow blower. They can sometimes be too heavy, upsetting the delicate leveling of the auger blades, so be sure to buy a snow cab that is designed for your specific unit.

Snow Tire Chains
For added traction and maneuverability in icy conditions, you can wrap your tires in special snow chains. They come in various sizes and weave patterns to fit your particular tire.

Other Replacement Parts
Because of the frictional nature of snow blowers, you will need to replace certain parts from time to time. Auger rubbers, drive belts for augers, impellers, wheels and scraper bars are some of the items you might need to replace every two to ten years. Contact a snow blower parts retailer near you in your local yellow pages, or buy parts online. A good place to start is jackssmallengines.com. They stock most snow blower parts, from dual-stage augers and belts, to useful whistles and bells like snow cabs and headlights.

Remember: a good snow blower with a conscientious owner can last up to 30 years or more.

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