Christmas/Winter Poop

reindeerReindeer Poop
I woke up with such a scare when I heard Santa call…
“Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!
I ran to the lawn and in the snowy white drifts,
those nasty reindeer had left “little gifts”.
I got an old shovel and started to scoop
neat little piles of “reindeer poop”.
But to throw them away, seemed such a waste,
So I saved them, thinking ~ you might like a taste!
As I finished my task, which took quite awhile,
Old Santa passed by and he sheepishly smiled.
And I heard him exclaim as he rose in the sky ~
“Well, they’re not potty trained, but at least they can fly!”

Reindeer Poop
We were awakened when we heard Santa call,
Dash away, Dash away, Dash away all.”
But soon we discovered, out on our lawn,
Santa and his reindeer were all gone.
With our little shovel we started to scoop,
All of the droppings … “YUCK”, reindeer poop!
But then we so generously filled up your sack.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your snack!!!”

Reindeer Poop
Christmas is coming and so are the deer
Listen closely and you will hear,
And ‘long with them comes a special treat,
Reindeer droppings for you to eat !!!!!

Reindeer Poop
For all the souls who hate the noise
Of Christmas cheer and lights and toys
For Mr. Scrooge, and Mrs. too,
Here’s a little gift for you …
A lump of coal won’t be enough
To make up for the shine and fluff,
So, here’s a scoop of reindeer poop
To offset all that Christmas Goop !!!

Reindeer Poop
I came wide awake when I heard Santa call,
“Dash away, Dash away, Dash away all.”
Grabbing my robe, I ran out to the lawn,
but reindeer and Santa were already gone.
So with my shovel I started to scoop,
all of the droppings–gourmet reindeer poop!
I thought, “Oh my goodness!! I’ll put them in bags,
and then I’ll attach a cute, colorful tag!
My friends will just LOVE them, they’re good as can be!”
Merry Christmas to you from the reindeer and me!

Gingerbread Man
Run!! Run!! as fast as you can,
You can’t catch me,
I’m the Gingerbread Man!

So I chased him all over,
up and down all around town,
While he was running,
and all I kept seeing was brown.

I never did catch him,
but I’ll give you the scoop,
That brown that I saw?
That was his gingerbread man poop!


Mice Poop
On Christmas Eve as I was snug in my bed,
Guess what some little creatures were doing instead?
Little mice were making their stops
And of course they left their teeny-tiny plops.
And now this Christmas I present to you
This little bag of mice doo-doo!

Moose Poop
Kris Moose just left,
you heard me right.
Just packed his bags
and left my sight.
But with some luck
upon the ground,
there will be evidence
to be found.

Penguin Poop
While visiting in the Artic
What do you think I found?
As I was walking on the snow and ice
This was laying on the ground.
I bagged it up and saved it;
Then someone told me the scoop
These brown little tidbits
Are genuine Penguin Poop

Elf Poop
The elves were so sick they couldn’t make toys
And Santa had to fill all those stockings
He gathered the only thing the elves could make –
Here are your Elfin Droppings

Snowman Poop
(use mini white marshmallows, white Tic-Tacs, popcorn)

I hear you’ve been naughty,
So listen…here’s the scoop!
Instead of getting coal this year,
You get Snowman Poop!

Snowman Pooh
He knows you’ve been bad,
Santa’s watching you.
So all you get for Christmas
is this snowman pooh.

Snowman Poop
I heard that you’ve been naughty,
So listen, here’s the scoop…
I’m running short on coal this year,
So here’s some snowman poop!

Snowman Poop
You’ve been bad,
so here’s the scoop.
All you get for Christmas
is Snowman poop!

Snowman Poop
Heard the rumors,
heard you were naughty,
so here’s the scoop …
… all you get is snowman poop”.

Snowman Poop
In the cold of winter when snow arrives,
All the snowmen dance and feel alive.
If you follow in their tracks,
You will find little droppings from their cracks.
Round and white, so sweet and light,
Eat one, eat two and have sweet dreams tonight!

Snowman Poop
Santa came and went last night
Traveling on his worldwide loop
Because you weren’t so good this year
You get no coal, just snowman poop
Round and white, so sweet and light
Eat some and have good dreams tonight!

Snowman Poop
Santa looked at his list,
Even checked it twice.
And he has seen that you
have not been very nice.
Since coal’s so expensive,
Here’s the scoop,
Santa’s filling your stocking

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